We buy Empty Cartridges

We pay you cash for your surplus virgins:
Empty ink cartridges
Must be undamaged and electrically good.

Print off this page and use it as your Claim Form.
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Prices quoted valid for 7 days from today 

Description Buy Price (max)_QTY Notes! __£ Total__
HASLER WJ20 (Green board only - Expired OK) £5.00 (20)    
HASLER WJ20 (Green board only - Expired OK) £5.00 (20)    
NEOPOST IJ25 (Green board only - Expired OK) £5.00 (20)

NEOPOST IS240/280 (Green board only - Expired OK) £5.00 (20)




MINIMUM CLAIM for cheques 10
If you use our Freepost address, we will deduct the cost from your claim.
Claims under 10 only accepted as Paypal (part) refunds against recent orders only. (Enclose details)

Please pay into my PayPal account. My Paypal email:
If you haven't used us before, please also state "NEW USER"


Tick here if you want your Paypal payment in EUROS +1%
 (ie 1% better than the Paypal GBP to EURO exchange rate on the day we pay)


We regularly email our "Empties price updates" to all our suppliers, usually weekly.  If you don't want to be included, please tick here ....  

My Name & Address FOR PAYMENT BY CHEQUE. (We deduct 1 for payments by cheque)
Please note that whilst we will process cheques a.s.a.p., sometimes there can be a delay of upto four weeks for the next cheque run.
If you include your email address we will send you an acknowledgement.

(No need to complete if you want to be paid by Paypal)
Please print clearly using
black ink please.







(See above if you don't want to receive price updates by email)

P. Code

Please send with this form to:

My New Ink Ltd
(Cartridge Credits)
Quality House
Reedlands Rd
CA14 3YF     UK

If you use our freepost address instead, we will deduct at cost (minimum 3)  from your claim.

We recommend you obtain a (free) Certificate Of Posting to insure against loss.

Prices offered are subject to change, but we honour current prices for up to 7 days.
Cartridges received without a recent form will be credited at the current rate.
Enclose your Paypal email for account credit.
Or your Name & Address for payment by cheque (for credits of 10 and over only, 1 deducted).
If you intend to send more than the maximum of any one type in any 7 day period:
Please email us first
and enclose with a copy of our agreement.
Otherwise they will either be rejected, or the price given for each item over the max. will be reduced by 1.00, our choice.
Rejects from GI testing will only be returned at cost (min 3), if you enclose a pre-addressed label and a note to that effect with the items.

Only virgin* empties accepted

Yours not listed? - email us your best offer
We don't take ink tanks (eg Epsons)

*A virgin empty cartridge is an empty cartridge that has never previously been refilled or remanufactured
(i.e. not "Compatible")